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Royal Mail COVID Heroes Stamp Competition

The Royal mail have set up a competition for children aged 4-14 to create a new stamp to recognise COVID heroes. We all designed our own stamps celebrating the COVID heroes. Fingers crossed that one of us wins the competition!

Daily Mile

We are really enjoying taking part in the Daily Mile. Even though some of us find it difficult, none of give up. Mrs White is very pleased with our resilience.

Science Investigation

In science we enjoyed investigating refraction. We learnt that refraction is the bending of light.

Precept Speeches

Whilst reading Wonder, we discussed the precept Mr Browne shared with his class. In pairs, we were given a precept to discuss and draft a speech about. We used bullet points to organise our thoughts and ideas before delivering our speeches to the class using appropriate intonation and volume.

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Easter 2021

In our RE lessons, we have enjoyed learning about Easter and why people celebrate this religious festival. Friends of Swain House kindly bought each one of us a Creme Egg so we created a lovely Easter basket to take it home in.

Blitz Artwork

We have been learning all about the blitz. Did you know people living in Britain were told to cover their windows at night so the Germans couldn't easily identify cities? We created some blitz artwork.

Science Investigation

In science, we are learning about living things and their habitats. We planned and carried out a fair test to investigate mould growth. We will observe the bread over ten days and then discuss and evaluate the results.

Class Pet

We are thinking about getting a class pet. One of the suggestions was a tortoise so Miss Zina kindly brought in hers (Colin) so we could have a trial run. We really enjoyed learning about how to care for tortoises and how to handle them correctly.

Mothers Day 2021
World Book Day 2021. Beethoven - Work Gallery.

We celebrated World Book Day by attending school dressed as our favourite character or in pyjamas, taking part in quizzes including the Masked Reader and sharing some of our favourite stories.

Christmas 2020

We enjoyed coming to school in Christmas Jumpers to raise money for Save The Children charity. We enjoyed the Children's Toy Raffle, where lots of us won prizes. We also made Christmas cards and enjoyed our Christmas party.

Theme day

On Monday 7th December, we had our theme day. We designed and moulded Greek pots out of clay. We also had the opportunity to look at ancient Greek artefacts and learn what they were used for.

Children In Need 2020

On Friday 13th November, we raised money for Children In Need. We came to school dressed in spots or pyjamas, had a biscuit sale and completed a Joe Wicks challenge. We learnt how important it is to look after our mental health.

Remembrance Day 2020

Today we remembered the men, women and animals that lost their lives in wars. We came to school dressed as soldiers, doctors, land girls, evacuees and nurses. We enjoyed creating Remembrance Day artwork.

Greece is the Word!

Our new theme is all about Ancient Greece. We started our learning by looking at when the Ancient Greek era was. We worked in pairs to order significant events in history. The Ancient Greek era was 776BC - 146BC.

Proud to be from Bradford

We really enjoyed learning all about Bradford. We used chrome books to present all of our learning using Google Slides.

Role on the Wall

We are really enjoying reading Room 13 by Robert Swindells. We used 'Role on the Wall' to retrieve information from the text.