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Theme: Summer - Down in the Caribbean

Take a look at all of our learning from our theme for the Summer term - Down in the Caribbean.

Step into Christmas with Lowry Class
Autumn 2 learning: Full steam ahead
Proud to be from Bradford - October 2020

In our theme lessons this half term, we have been focusing on parks as part of our whole school theme: Proud to be from Bradford. We started by looking at different maps. We had to identify and locate the countries and capital cities of the UK on a blank map. We then moved onto looking at the human and physical features of a park. Then we had to synergise, when working as a group, to make our park equipment collages. We had lots of fun using different materials and shades of colour. We have also been learning how to use simple compass directions - we had to explain, using compass points, where different things were on a map of a park. On our theme day, we worked in groups of three to design, make and evaluate our very own parks. We had to think carefully about the materials we would use and how we would fix things together. We had to work well as a team and use lots of our leader in me habits. We have also been learning how to make our own maps and use a key. In science, we have been investigating waterproof materials. We had to find out which material would be the best to keep us dry on a rainy day at the park. As you can see, we have been very busy! We hope the photo story shows how much learning and fun we have had!
Lowry Class Photo Story - October 2020

Have a look at all the amazing things we have done so far this half term in Year 2. We have been working hard in our maths lessons - you can see how we have represented numbers with tens and ones. We have been coming straight into school and working on our words of the week. We have been designing and making some wonderful park collages, having lots of fun with the PE coach learning new skills and most of all, enjoying spending time with our friends again.