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Meeting a Holocaust Survivor!

What an amazing afternoon it was today in Vivaldi! We had a Zoom call with an Austrian/Slovakian holocaust survivor, who shared her fascinating experiences of World War Two. Her tales were both interesting, but also heartbreaking.

Science Week

It was British Science Week this week and the theme was 'Growth'. We looked at how sharks grow, how we classify living things and used scientific language to describe unusual animals as they grow.

Easter Treats!

Thank you for the amazing donations, our children loved receiving their chocolate eggs! I'm sure they will be gone in no time.

Spring 1 Photostory
Incredible WW1 VR Experience

Today we had our WW1 theme day. In the morning we created World War propaganda posters, similar to those used in the war and looked at boxes of genuine World War One artefacts. Then we got to experience life in the trenches through virtual reality! We saw what life in the trenches was like, battles in no man's land and even in the medical wards. We even saw real World War guns and smelt the gas Germany used as weapons. What a fantastic day!

Creating Electrical Circuits

Today, we create some awesome electrical circuits using cells, wires, buzzers, motors, lamps and switches. We were given pictures of different electrical circuits and needed to remember what each symbol represented and create that circuit using the equipment. Here are some pictures from our great learning!

Children in Need

Today was Children in Need! We all dressed up in our PJs or wore something spotty. To celebrate and raise money we hosted a bun sale. In computing we have been learning to use a program called TinkerCad, we made our own Pudsey Bear on TinkerCad by layering 3D shapes - here are some of our creations.

Who Let the Gods Out?

Today we had our Ancient Greeks theme day! We dressed up in some awesome traditional clothes or the colours of the Greek flag and designed, created and evaluated Greek pots using clay.

Creating Jazz Music

This week we have been listening to, learning and composing our own jazz music using glockenspiels. Here are some pictures of our fantastic learning!

Remembrance Day

Today was Remembrance Day. All week we have been writing poems in English about the Christmas Day Truce, today we wrote those up neatly and performed them beautifully. We also made lanterns using glass jars so we could light a candle to remember those who fought.

Sports UK Frisbee Tournament

In October, 8 pupils from Year 6 represented our school at the annual Sports UK frisbee tournament. We worked well as a team and came first place! We are very proud!

International Day of Languages

Today was 'International Day of Languages'. To celebrate the country of Italy, we dressed up in the colours of their flag. Throughout the day we completed so many different activities based on Italy such as roman numerals, learning to speak Italian and making pizzas! Here are some pictures from our great day!

Harvest Day

Today we learnt how to draw in perspective using a vanishing point. We then painted an autumnal landscape using what we learnt.

High Adventure Photostory