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Topic In The Sunshine

We had great fun celebrating our topic in the sunshine on Friday. We dressed up as Knights and Princesses and chased imaginary dragons around the school field. We celebrated our victory with juice, biscuits and ice-cream. A well-deserved treat for all their hard work this half term.

Bouncy Castle Fun

We refused to let the weather get the better of us, so even though the rain came down, the bouncy castles went up! We bounced and whooped and screamed and cheered whilst bouncing with our friends. Look at our funny action shot photographs. I wonder if you can recognise some of the blurry bouncers?

Seaside Topic

To finish our Seaside topic we had a celebration afternoon where the seaside came to us! We paddled in the water-it was freezing! We built sandcastles, played with outside toys and had fun with large inflatable beach balls. Later on we went to the piazza for a lolly. What a great afternoon!

We have been learning about the 7 habits

We "synergised" and made a giant paper chain. It was fun decorating each link but it was tricky working together to join each link. We really had to listen to each other and be patient whilst each member of our class added their own links to the chain. It was worth it though because now we have a bright paper chain decorating our classroom. We are very proud of it!

How much water do you need to build a sandcastle?

This was the question we investigated in science. We had lots of fun working with our Learning Partner. We had to decide how to make it a fair test and use our scientific knowledge to explain our predictions. We are developing into great scientists!

Visit to Saltaire Village

We had the most fantastic day visiting the World Heritage Site of Saltaire Village as part of our "Proud to be from Bradford" topic. We looked at all the Victorian houses and met some characters from the past in the Methodist Church. We ate our lunch in one of the fancy rooms in Victoria Hall and fed the ducks in the river when we played in Robert's Park. It was a brilliants day!

Oil Paintings Inspired by David Hockney

We have been studying the work of David Hockney as part of our "Proud to be from Bradford" topic. We really like the bright colours that he used in his oil landscapes of Saltaire and other villages in and around Bradford. We thought about using wool like they would have done when the mill was being run by Sir Titus Salt so we decided to make our own felt using wool. 2 ladies from Sponge Tree came in to help us and we couldn't believe how easy it was. It was really good fun pressing down on the wool and squeezing it flat. Wait until you see what we used it for!

David Hockney Inspired Paintings

We were in spired by David Hockney and the bright colours he used in his paintings so we created our felt applique artwork of Salt's Mill in Saltaire. We made sure that we only used the brightest colours and that there was no paper showing through. It was tricky cutting the felt but it stuck really well with the glue.

Traditional Tales

As part of our English work on Traditional Tales and our work on Instructions we decided to make turnip soup like the story of "The Enormous Turnip". We went to the food technology room and chopped, sliced and stirred the ingredients. We were very careful to follow the instructions carefully and made a delicious soup that everyone enjoyed...even the teachers!

Learning Partners

In Kandinsky Class we enjoy working together with our Learning Partners. Sometimes they are not the same children but we always make sure that we listen carefully, speak clearly and ask good questions. Working with our class mates really helps us to understand the topic we are talking about in class and we can share some good ideas.

Applying Maths Skills

When we have been learning something new in maths we like to apply our learning in a new way. We have been learning to use a number line to add so Mrs Howard thought it would be a good idea to practise "jumping" by playing giant board games that we have made ourselves in class. We love this kind of learning because it feels like play!

Learning About Easter

We have been learning all about Easter with Mrs Scott and as part of our learning we made a class Easter garden. We used soil and cress and sand to make the hills and the pathway. We used clay to make our won stones and the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest. We used twigs from the wildlife area to make the 3 crucifixes and made our own tissue paper flowers. After 4 days the cress grew and our Easter Garden looked so good that we displayed it in the school entrance so all the visitors could see it when they came to our school.

Happy Easter!

We have been making cards, clay baskets and 3D carrots to celebrate Easter. Did you know that we give chocolate eggs to celebrate Spring, and the start of new life. We were very happy when the Easter Bunny visited Kandinsky Class and we all received an egg to take home with us over the holidays.

Traditional Tales

In English we have been reading traditional tales and using adjectives to describe the characters. This week we used the 7 habits and synergised to write adjectives about the wicked queen and one of the dwarfs. We were very good at describing their appearance and their personality.

Let it snow!

We took the opportunity to walk around the school when the snow fell and we took some lovely photographs in the wildlife area. We enjoyed looking at our footprints in the snow and seeing how pretty the trees looked.

Green Fingers

We are learning all about plants, trees and flowers in our topic this half term and have been doing different science investigations to see what plants and seeds need to grow. It has been fun growing cress in lemonade and tea and we are trying to grow beans in flour and oats! We will observe and see if our predictions were right

Christmas Party

Our Christmas Party was fantastic! We all wore our party clothes and had a big party tea in the classroom. We played different games and danced to the Christmas disco music. We were very tired at the end of the day!


Christmas has started! As it was our Nativity today Kandinsky class started to get prepared for our Christmas celebrations and we made our party hats using shiny paper, glitter and jewels whilst singing along to Christmas music. What a great way to start the festive season. Take a look at our super hats!


We have been learning all about the Antarctic and as part of our learning we sculpted penguins out of clay using our hands and pencils to create the shapes and the details. When they were dry we painted them using fine paint brushes. Take a look at our fabulous work!

Abundant Life Centre

We had the opportunity to go to the Abundant Life Centre and enjoy a sing-a-long performance of Frozen. We had a fantastic time and loved singing all the songs and meeting the characters. We had a look at the land of the stones and we even received a goody bag to take home.

Floating and Sinking

In science we have been learning about floating and sinking. We predicted whether the objects would float or sink. Then we tested our predictions by putting the objects in water and observing what happened. We enjoyed the investigations and using the water!

Class Target

Kandinsky have achieved another class target which was to keep our cloakroom today. We celebrated by watching a film and having a biscuit in the classroom on Friday afternoon. It was like being at the cinema.


We love being scientists in Kandinsky and as part of our Materials topic this half term we investigated different objects and sorted them into their different materials. We had wood, glass, metal, paper and plastic and learned about the features of these properties too.

Remembrance Day

We celebrated Remembrance Day by dressing up, learning about what life would be like 100 years ago and making our own poppies. We were pleased we didn't live in 1914 as school was so strict and we had to do a lot of work at home as part of the war effort. We really enjoyed our learning this week.


We have been learning about hedgehogs this week and in our art lesson we sculpted our own hedgehogs out of clay. Look at how hard we concentrated on rolling, squeezing and pinching the clay. They will be drying over the half term holiday so we can take them home after our break but you can have a cheeky look at them now!


To celebrate the end of our topic we all dressed up as animals. We had cats, dogs, penguins, lions, tigers, monkeys, fish and leopards and looked fabulous. In maths we made an animal bar chart by sorting ourselves into groups of animals and in English we worked together to think of good adjectives to describe different animals. It was an exciting way to end our first half term in Year 1.


We enjoy physical maths. Some of us have been learning how to count and add using large hoops and beanbags. We used large numbers and maths symbols to write an addition number sentence.

Class Target

We achieved our first class target "To sit n the carpet quietly and smartly". We celebrated by eating ice cream in the staffroom. We felt very grown up on the big comfy chairs!

Scientific Investigation

We carried out a scientific investigation to find a waterproof material so we could make wellington boots for Noah. We tested tissue, paper, plastic and cloth. We were brilliant scientist!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We saw lots of animals and even got to walk amongst squirrel monkeys and lemurs. The baboons were really silly and the tigers were much bigger than we thought. The meerkats were cute and the giraffes were beautiful. We hope you like all the pictures that we took.

Vasili Kandinsky

Our class is named after the Russian artist Vasili Kandinsky. We used coloured paper and scissors to create our own "Kandinsky" trees. These pictures are on display in our cloakroom, classroom and in the hallways.


We like to use the equipment in our classroom when we are learning in maths. We are getting very good at counting and adding simple numbers.

Our Classroom

Look at the exciting things we do in our classroom!

Wildlife Area

Kandinsky Class have taken the class cameras to the wildlife area. The children took lots of wonderful photographs of the plants and creatures around the woodland and pond. We will be learning how to improve our photography skills as the year progresses but we are all so pleased with our gallery! Please take a look.