Swain House Primary School
Headteacher: Mrs Dianne Richardson

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What is Investors in Pupils? 

Investors in pupils helps children to find out about their school, the jobs of everyone in it and to understand that the school has a budget. It supports pupils in setting targets for the class and for themselves, whilst recognising the importance of the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in their education and how they as a pupil can make a difference.

Investors in pupils helps children to develop knowledge, skills and understanding so they learn to take increasing responsibility for their class, school and community, with a growing awareness of active citizenship. The approach recognises the importance of pupil voice and pupil participation.

The five areas of focus for Investors in Pupils are:
learning, behaviour, induction, attendance and classroom management.

Every child in school has their own leadership folder which holds evidence of working towards the 5 areas of Investors in Pupils. Leadership folders hold attainment and attitude data and targets the children are working towards. We also encourage all our children to become leaders by working towards the 7 habits. 

Mission Statements

Each class has its own mission statement which is agreed at the start of the school year. This includes a statement of intent linked to each of the five areas. All members of the class write and agree the mission statement together and it is displayed in a prominent place.

Class and Individual targets

Children each have a whole class target and a personalised writing target. Children agree the focus for their whole class target which are drawn form one of the five areas. These targets are displayed in class and reviewed regularly. Rewards for achieving class targets are decided together at the same time.

Individual writing targets are set for each child and parents are informed of these through the target postcards. Your child will receive their target sticker when their target has been met.


Each class produces an induction book which gives details of the class, their routines and the pupils themselves. The booklet provides information to help new pupils, staff or visitors. The induction booklet can also be sent home with new children to help them and their families find out more about their class.

Roles in school

During the year, children have opportunities to find out more about the roles played by different adults in school. Children will have opportunities to apply for posts in school and shadow different members of staff to gain real experience of working in school. Special assemblies are organised for children to find out about certain roles, particularly the role of the business manager and the role of governors at the school.

Jobs and Responsibilities

Children take responsibility for jobs in their class and around school. Older children take on additional responsibilities, such as: buddies for younger children, librarians and ICT monitors. The school council includes representatives from each class, from Year 2 to Year 6; making decisions about different aspects of school, such as: fundraising and special events.