Swain House Primary School
Headteacher: Mrs Dianne Richardson

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One Britain One Nation

On Friday 23rd June we had an Art Day in school, we learnt more about British values. Children from Year 1 to Year 6 worked together to create some fantastic pieces of art work.

Temple Newsam

On Wednesday 21st June we went on a visit to Temple Newsam. In the morning we went in the house. We explored the different rooms in the house. There was lots of interesting things to look at. We did some drama, music and dressing up using the traditional story The Princess and the Pea. After lunch we looked around the farm and played in the play area. It was a great day.

Making a salad

As part of our topic Grow, grow, grow, we tasted different salad items. We decided what we liked best and designed our own salad. We made a salad and then ate it. We weren't too keen on spring onions and radish!


We have enjoyed learning about Easter. We made Easter cards to give to our families.

Red Nose Day!

For Red Nose Day we came to school wearing red clothes. We raised money by having a bun sale. We also had a sponsored dance in the hall. It was good fun.


In RE we learnt about why a menorah is very important for Jewish people. We decorated our own menorahs.

Holi Assembly

We enjoyed learning about Holi, the festival of colours. Here we are getting ready for our class assembly. We made cards, rangoli patterns and had our own Holi festival in the playground.

Grow, grow, grow.

Our topic this half term is called 'Grow, grow, grow'. We did some holiday homework to find out about plants and trees. We have brought in our own plants and we will learn how to take care of them.

World Book Day

We came to school dressed as our favourite book characters. We listened to stories read by different members of staff.

Be Careful of the Rocks!

Our new topic is called Be Careful of the Rocks! For our holiday homework we had to find out about sea creatures and lighthouses. We made models, leaflets and posters.

Christmas Party

We had a great time at our Christmas party. We enjoyed dancing, playing pass the parcel and eating party food. We also had a visit from Father Christmas.


We had great fun making boats using different materials. The boat had to be strong enough to hold a figure of penguin and a boy and had to float.


We have been learning about hot and cold colours. We found hot and cold colours in different art work. We looked at an African landscape and The Great Wave by Hokusai. We used pastels to create our own pictures.

Floating and Sinking

In Science we have been learning about floating and sinking. We discussed what the words floating and sinking mean and predicted which objects would float or sink. Finally we tested each object.

Children In Need

On Friday 18th November we raised money for Children in Need. We came to school in our spotty clothes and bought buns.

Remembrance Day

On Friday the 11th November we came to school dressed as doctors, nurses, soldiers and evacuees to commemorate Remembrance Day. We learnt about the significance of the poppy and we made our own poppies.


We have been learning poetry this week. We learnt a poem called 'The Mud Pie Makers Rhyme'.

Fantastic Holiday Homework

In preparation for our new topic 'How can we get this penguin home?' the children were asked to research penguins. The children worked hard at home and produced models, posters and leaflets.

Science investigation

We wanted to find out which material would be the best to keep Mr Noah's feet dry in the rain. We tested 3 different materials by putting them on a doll's foot and placing the doll in water for 10 seconds. We talked about how we would keep the test fair. We found out that plastic is waterproof and would be the best material to keep Mr Noah's feet dry.

Clay models

We have been learning facts about animals from different continents. We learned about hedgehogs and made our own clay models.

Cooking fun

We harvested rhubarb from the raised beds and apples from the orchard. We made an apple and rhubarb crumble in the food tech room. It was delicious.


We have been learning about different seasons. We went on a walk around the school grounds and the wildlife area to look for signs of autumn.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

As part of our topic 'Where next Mr Noah' we visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We are learning about animals that come from different continents. We saw giraffes, tigers, lions, polar bears, meercats, lemurs and much more. We had a fantastic day.

Maths fun

We have enjoyed using equipment to help us count.


We have enjoyed using the mini Ipads in class. We have learned how to use the apps and take photos. We also use them to go on Lexia.

Art work

We learned about our class namesake, Kandinsky. We looked at some of his artwork. We created our own pieces of art based on the painting 'Tree of Circles'.