Swain House Primary School
Headteacher: Mrs Dianne Richardson

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One Britain One Nation

We really enjoyed learning all about British music! What do you think of our dance moves?!

Proud to be from Yorkshire

As part of our topic, 'Proud to be from Yorkshire', we visited Bradford City Football Club. We had a tour of the stadium and learnt a lot about the Bradford City fire, which happened in 1985.

Fractions and Percentages

We enjoyed playing a board game to help us practise converting fractions and percentages.

Year 5 took part in the Bradford East Netball tournament. Even though we hadn't had many lessons, we won! We were all so excited! WINNERS!

In maths, we are learning all about fractions. We have learnt how to add and subtract unlike fractions and how to convert improper fractions into mixed numbers. Could you convert 15/3 into a mixed number? We particularly enjoyed playing pairs! We had to turn one card (an improper fraction) and then another (a mixed number). To win, we had to find the most pairs!

World Book Day 2017!

On Thursday 2nd March 2017, the whole school dressed up as their favourite book character. We all enjoyed listening to a story in another classroom and we are hoping to raise lots of money for charity through the Readathon!

Our Trip to Bradford Industrial Museum

On Friday 27th January 2017, Elgar class went to the Victorian school room at Bradford Industrial Museum.

Prime Numbers

We really enjoyed learning about prime numbers. We worked in teams to identify all of the prime numbers from 0-100. Do you know which numbers are prime?!

Christmas 2016!
We love to investigate!

We investigated how much sugar would dissolve in 300ml of water. We learnt that when no more sugar could be dissolved, we say that the liquid is saturated - no more solid can be dissolved into it.

Multiplying by multiples of tens, hundreds and thousands!

We are learning how to multiply by multiples of ten, hundred and thousand. We practised what we had learnt by playing noughts and crosses - we had to solve a number sentence and try to get three in a row! Would you win? Try solving 23 x 4,000!

Science - Filtering

We really enjoyed investigating filtering. Mrs White set us a challenge to make the cleanest water. We learnt that adding soil to water is called a mixture and you can separate a mixture by filtering.

Wednesday 9th - Friday 11th November 2016 Ingleborough Hall.
Odd one out

We really enjoy playing 'Odd one out'. We have to match up synonyms and then find which word is the odd one out. It is a great way for us to increase our vocabulary! We love using words we've just learnt in our writing!

We have been learning to read and write numbers up to 10 million in numerals and words. We played the spelling dice game to learn how to spell keywords.

We used potatoes from our harvest to make Spanish omelettes. Most of us loved them!


We have been learning all about Eid. We designed and made Eid cards and mendhi patterns. We also made chapattis and had an Eid feast in class. We will share all of our learning with the school and our parents/carers in our class assembly.


In maths we are learning to identify multiples. We played the ‘No Multiples Multiple Game'. We had 30 seconds to list as many multiples of a certain number Mrs White said. We then compared our multiples with our partners. For every multiple we had but they didn’t have, we scored 5 points. Would you be good at this game?!

We really enjoyed visiting the school library on our first day in Year 5. We all chose a book to take home. We have the opportunity to visit the library weekly.