Swain House Primary School
Headteacher: Mrs Dianne Richardson

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World Cup Fever

To launch our new whole school topic celebrating the World Cup 2018 we did some research for our holiday homework about the countries that will be taking part in the competition. We are really proud of our creative work.

Book Week

We went on a visit to Eccleshill library. The librarian read us a story and we had the chance to read books ourselves. We found out how to join a library. To celebrate the end of Book Week we came to school either dressed as our favourite book character or in our pyjamas ready for a bedtime story.

Sports Relief

Friday 23rd March was Sports Relief. We ran a sponsored mile at school today. We hope to raise a lot of money for this important cause.

Problem Solving

We worked with a partner to solve a problem. We had 15 counters. We had to move the counters to make each line add up to 10. We used the strategy trial and error and showed great resilience.

Watercolour paintings

We looked at some watercolour paintings of the seaside by Francine Savill. We drew our own seaside pictures and painted them.

Science Investigation

We did an experiment to find out how much water was needed to make the sand wet enough to make a sandcastle. We predicted how many mls of water was needed and then we tested each amount. We found out that 30mls of water was the right amount.


In preparation for our new topic 'Be careful of the rocks', the children did some holiday homework. They found out about lighthouses and sea creatures. They made models and posters. Their work was amazing! Well done.

Christmas party

We had a great time at our Christmas party. We enjoyed dancing, playing pass the parcel and eating party food. We also had a visit from Father Christmas.

Floating and sinking.

We have been learning about materials. We worked in small groups to sort objects that float and sink. We talked about what we found out.

Remembrance Day

On Friday 10th November we had a special day at school. We came to school dressed as soldiers, nurses, doctors, firefighters and evacuees. We learnt about Remembrance and the significance of the poppy.


We have been learning to recite poems this week. Here is our performance of a poem called 'On the Playground' by Wes Magee.

Fantastic Holiday Homework

In preparation for our new topic 'How can we get this penguin home', the children were asked to find out about penguins. They produced some fantastic models and posters and shared the information with the rest of the class. Well done.

Tiger patterns

We have been learning about Asia. We learnt facts about tigers. We found out that all tiger patterns are different. We made our own tiger patterns by cutting strips of black paper and sticking them on to an orange background.


In English we have been reading a non-fiction book about the seasons. After reading about autumn we went on a walk in our school grounds. We looked for signs of autumn. We worked in a team and made a collection of adjectives that would help us to describe the things we saw.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

As part of our topic 'Where next Mr Noah,' we visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We are learning about animals that come from different continents. We saw giraffes, tigers, lions, polar bears, meercats, lemurs, wallabies and much more. We had a fantastic day.

Colour and pattern

As part of our topic 'Where next Mr Noah?', we have been learning about Africa. We learnt facts about Africa and giraffes. We looked at the pattern on giraffes and made our own patterns. We chose our colours carefully.


We enjoyed reading a story called 'Who's my new teacher'. We ordered the story and wrote sentences.

Maths Fun

We have enjoyed using the maths equipment to count.

Kandinsky Art Work

Our class is named after the artist Kandinsky. We looked at his art work and created our own 'Tree of Life' picture.