Swain House Primary School
Headteacher: Mrs Dianne Richardson

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Netball Tournament

Some of our pupils represented our school at the Sports UK Netball Tournament. They had lots of fun and enjoyed meeting children from others schools. Well done!

Book Week Dress Up!

We dressed up as our favorite characters or in our comfy pajamas. We had such a lovely day!

Sport Relief Mile!

We raised money for the Sport Relief cause by running a mile around the school grounds. It was hard work but we were resilient!

Easter Cracked!

On the 21st of March we went to visit the wonderful volunteers at St Cuthberts Church, Wrose. We had a wonderful time and learnt lots about Easter! We even got to decorate our own plant pots!

Industrial Museum Trip!

On 17th February, we walked through the snow to the Industrial Museum. We were greeted by Mr Ibertson who told us facts about the Victorian era. We even took part in a Victorian lesson.


Gymnastics. In Spring 1, we improved our gymnastic skills! We balanced and jumped our way through many challenges set by Mr Barker. We even climbed to the top of the apparatus.

Poetry - Jigsaw!

We worked in teams of 3 to learn a poem by heart. Each person had to learn two stanzas and teach the rest of the team. By the end of the lesson, we could all recite the poem!

Ingleborough Hall

On Wednesday 8th November 2017, Year 5 went on their residential. We had an amazing time! We enjoyed lots of activities including caving, orienteering and walking.

Roman Shields

We have designed and made our very own Roman shields.


We really like synergising in our lessons. In maths, we used 'Tell Me More' to revise place value and rounding. Do you know the rules for rounding?!

Maths - place value

We can read and write numbers up to 1 million. We enjoyed using loop cards to test our new knowledge!

We really enjoyed learning about Eid and sharing our learning with the rest of the school and our parents in assembly.

On Monday 25th September 2017, a Roman soldier visited us at school (not a real one of course!). We had a fun day learning all about the life of a Roman soldier. We learnt how Roman soldiers fought and we even had a go ourselves! We made a Roman oil lamp and a Roman board game. It was an amazing day!