Swain House Primary School
Headteacher: Mrs Dianne Richardson

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Science Day 2016

We had great fun being scientists for the day. We did three experiments. We found out which helicopter spun the most. We enjoyed watching what happens when you add bicarbonate of soda to vinegar. We found out how bubbles float.

Temple Newsam Trip

We visited Temple Newsam. We attended a workshop called Kings and Queens. We learnt what it would have been like to be a King or Queen. We made our on crown. After lunch we visited the farm and we finished our day in the playground. We had lots of fun.

Leader in Me

We read a book called 'Have you filled a bucket today?' by Carol McCloud. We talked about how our actions make people feel. A 'bucket filler' is kind and makes people happy. A 'bucket dipper' is unkind and makes people feel sad. We are working hard to be 'bucket fillers'.

Sports Relief 2016

On Thursday 17th March the whole school took part in a sponsored run for Sports Relief. We had to run a mile. We came to school in our sports clothes and ran around the football pitch. It was tiring but good fun. Well done to all the children.

Industrial Museum

We visited the Industrial Museum as part of our topic 'Happy Birthday Your Majesty'. We became toy detectives and explored toys that Queen Elizabeth may have played with when she was younger. We had lots of fun and even enjoyed the walk!

Holi Assembly

We enjoyed preparing an assembly about the Hindu festival of Holi. We learned a poem and a song, we acted out a story and made Holi cards and rangoli pictures. We had our own Holi festival in the playground.


In Maths we worked together thinking of ways to sort a set of shapes. We thought about the name of the shape, the colour and the number of sides.

'Happy Birthday Your Majesty' we have enjoyed reading the story 'The Queen's hat' by Steve Antony. We had great fun acting out the story.

Gracie the Lighthouse Cat

We read the story of 'Gracie the Lighthouse Cat' by Ruth Brown. We thought about the characters actions and feelings as we acted out the story.

Be Careful of the Rocks

As part of our Be Careful of the Rocks topic we investigated the question ‘How much water do you need to make a sandcastle?’ We set up a fair test and found out that the sand needed 50 ml of water to make a good sandcastle.

Christmas Party

Our Christmas Party was fantastic! We made place mats and party hats. We all wore our party clothes and had party food in the classroom. We danced to Christmas songs. We played pass the parcel and had a visit from Santa.

Floating and sinking

In science we have been learning about materials. We predicted whether objects would float or sink. We tested different materials. We used what we had found out to make our own boats.

Finding out about penguins.

We worked in groups to to share what we knew about penguins. We read a book called 'Penguins' by Emily Bone which told us lots of interesting information about penguins.

Warm colours

We have been learning about warm colours. We looked at a picture from Africa, we talked about the colours used. We used pastels to create our own picture using warm colours.


In English we have been learning about instructions. We read and followed instructions for how to make jam sandwiches, friendship bracelets and paper plate fish.

Children in Need

On Friday 13th November it was Children In Need Day. We came in to school dressed as our heroes or in our spotty clothes! We had a bun sale. We helped to raise lots of money for Children In Need!

Using our senses

We have been learning a poem called The Mud-pie makers' Rhyme by Janet Paisley. We used our senses to think of words to describe clay. We thought about what it looked like, felt like and how it smelt. We used the adjectives in a sentence.

Remembrance Day

To help us learn about the importance of Remembrance Day we came to school dressed as people from World War 1 and 2. We went to a special assembly and we held a 2 minute silence at 11. We learned about the poppy and we made our own poppies.

Fantastic holiday homework

The children were asked to do some research during the October half term holiday. They had to find out about penguins. The children produced some fantastic models, posters and books. Well done.

Poetry performance

We have been learning a poem called 'When the wind blows'. We practised the poem in groups and then performed it. We hope you like it.

Science investigation

In science we needed to find out which materials were waterproof. We tested three different materials by wrapping them around the dolls feet and then placed the doll in a bowl of water. We counted to 10 each time to make the test fair. We found out that plastic is waterproof and kept the dolls feet dry. The other two materials were not waterproof.

Tiger patterns

As part of our learning about continents we learned facts about Asia and tigers. We looked carefully at different tiger patterns and created our own patterns by drawing and cutting and sticking.

Autumn Walk

We went for a walk around school, we were looking for signs of autumn to help us with our writing in English. We looked in the raised beds area and the wildlife area.


A visitor called Seema came to our school. She told Key Stage 1 the story of Rama and Sita. We also learned how Hindu people celebrate the festival of Diwali.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

As part of our learning about animals and continents, we visited The Yorkshire Wildlife park. We enjoyed looking at all the different animals. Our favourite animals were the giraffes and the polar bears. We had a great time!

Maths fun

We have been recognising numbers and counting in maths this week. Some of us have been outside in our new outdoor learning area.


We enjoyed learning about the artist Kandinsky. We painted and used poster paper to create our own versions of 'The Fall Tree'