Swain House Primary School
Headteacher: Mrs Dianne Richardson

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Shibden Hall Trip

We went to Shibden Hall in Halifax to learn what it would have been like to have been a servant. We learned how to clean, how to do the washing and all about life 100 years ago. We had a picnic lunch. We went on the miniature railway. We had fun.

Sensory garden

We helped the volunteers from Yorkshire building society who were working on our sensory garden. We weeded the raised beds and put in plants that appeal to all our senses.

Partitioning fun

We played a game to find out about 10s and units. We added the 10s and units, the person with the highest two digit number was the winner.

Class target achieved

We celebrated achieving our class target with a treat of ice cream and sprinkles. Our target was to keep the cloakroom tidy.


In ICT we have been learning how to control a device. We used the beebots. We used our knowledge of directions to move it around the mats. We created our own maps and gave a partner directions to move the compare bear to the correct place.

Rock Buns

We have made rock buns in the food tech room this term. We followed the recipe carefully.

Building Bridges

In Literacy we have been reading the story of The Three Billy Goats. In DT we had to design and make a new bridge for the goats to go across. We used lots of different materials to build our bridges. We had to think carefully about the joining techniques and how to make the bridge as strong as possible.


In Science we have been learning about forces. We investigated how to make objects move.

Holi Assembly

We enjoyed learning about the Hindu festival of Holi for our class assembly. It is the festival of colours - we experimented with powder paint and water. We decorated rangolli patterns and made Holi cards for our friends.

The Big Dig

Our topic this half term is 'Green Fingers'. To launch the topic we had a Big Dig day. We worked on our class raised bed and went to the Wildlife area to plant rowan trees.

Digital photography

We used the digital cameras to take photographs of plants and flowers. We learned how to save our photographs in our folders on the netbooks.

Old and new toys

In history we have been learning about the past. We visited Bradford Industrial Museum. We became toy detectives for the day. We looked at old and new toys and found out what the toys were made of. It was very interesting.


In DT we were challenged to make a friend for Mr Punch. We thought carefully about our designs. We sewed the felt and decorated our puppets.

Science Investigations

We have been investigating materials. We found the answer to the question 'Which material is the most absorbent?' We also investigated how an egg changes when it is cooked in different ways.


We have been learning to read and follow instructions. We followed the instructions to make a jam sandwich.

Christmas 2012

We had a Christmas party. We enjoyed playing party games. We played pass the parcel, Christmas card jigsaw game, pass the balloon game, the pea game and Kim's game. The party food was delicious. We had a visit from Santa.

Children in need

On Children in Need Day we enjoyed dressing up in spotty clothes and eating spotty buns.


We went to the wildlife area to look for living and non living things. We collected some objects and sorted them.

Vegetable Soup

We harvested some vegetables from our class raised bed. We made some delicious soup in the food technology room.

Fun with numbers

We worked together to read the numbers and count the correct amount of objects.

Special Memories

Our topic this half term is Marvellous Me. We thought about special times in our lives. We brought items to school that have a memory of a time when we were younger.


We enjoy using the computers to help us with our learning.

Our Senses

We had a fun afternoon learning about our senses. We went on a listening walk to the wildlife area. We explored our senses on different tables. We tasted sweet, sour and salty food. Only a few children liked the lemons! We had a smell test. We put our hands in feely bags and guessed what was inside. We experimented with binoculars and magnifying glasses.

Music and Movement

We have enjoyed creating dances individually and with a partner. We listened carefully to the music, we added movement using streamers.

Kandinsky Paintings

We painted our own Kandinsky paintings. We hope you like them.