Last week attendance was 94.9%


In our maths lesson this morning we were explaining and modelling that addends can be added in any order and the total will still be the same. We used a first, then, then, now story to show our understanding. We also drew part-part-part-whole models and calculations to prove that when we add three numbers, the total will be the same whichever pair we add first. 
Bradford Remembers: Man Down!
Lowry class have been learning all about World War One and the Bradford Pals in our new learning called: Bradford Remembers, Man Down! We looked at recruitment posters that were designed to be appealing for people to join the British army. We had some very persuasive headlines/captions. 
PSHE - Me and my relationships
In our PSHE lessons this half term, we have been focusing on me and my relationships. We have looked at ways that I can get help, if I am being bullied and what I can do if someone teases me. I can suggest rules that will help to keep us happy and friendly and what will help me keep to these rules. I can also tell you about some classroom rules we have made together. I can give you lots of ideas about being what makes a good friend and also tell you how I try to be a good friend. I have also learnt how I can express my feelings in a safe, controlled way.
Harvest Day
We had a wonderful time in Lowry Class on Friday learning all about Harvest. We learnt about what Harvest is and how it is celebrated around the world. We also learnt about why we collected food for the food bank and who our food might help. We wrote our own acrostic poems, thinking about different harvest themed things that start with each letter of HARVEST. We also wanted to thank all the grown ups that came along in the afternoon to help make our harvest wreaths.
We have been really enjoying our music lessons. We have been listening to a range of South African songs, listening to the different instruments we can hear, discussing the dynamics and tempo of the songs. We have also been finding the pulse of a song which is like the heartbeat. We have also been improving our skills at playing the glockenspiel.  
We had lots of fun in maths working out which number our partner had covered up on the numberline. We had to think carefully about 1 more and 1 less and what we knew about the previous and next multiple of 10. 
We have had great fun exploring materials and their properties. We were looking at how materials can be changed by squashing, twisting, bending and stretching. Mrs Normington told us how her sandwich had been squashed on her way to work. We investigated different materials she could use to transport her sandwich safely to school. We had some fantastic lunch box ideas!
We have been looking at 2 digit numbers and showing what each digit represents using the tens and ones. 
We have loved 'playing shops' in our maths lesson today. We have been looking at adding and subtracting multiples of 10. We used the tens sticks as currency and had to choose two things we would like to buy from the 'shop'. We then paid with our 'money'. 
We have really enjoyed our street dance lessons so far! We love learning new moves! 
We have been finding out all about Stephen Laurence Lowry and his life. We looked at lots of his paintings and recreated his famous painting of Clifford's Tower in York. 
We have been learning about different materials and their properties in our science lessons.