Last weeks attendance was 96.5%


Ancient Egypt

We worked in groups to predict and discuss the differences between life in Bronze Age Britain and life in Ancient Egypt.

History Day - Ancient Civilizations
As part of our ancient civilizations history day we learned about one of the earliest civilizations, The Sumer Civilization. We learned about their impact on the world as we know it today, such as the invention of the wheel and mapping the planets we can see. They were also the first people to write! Their language is known as cuneiform and is made up of wedge like shapes. We used clay to create a tablet and wrote our names in cuneiform on the clay, it was great fun!
Performance Poetry - Roger McGough
In English we have been reading poems written by Roger McGough. We have enjoyed reading and performing the poems. We read The Fight of the Year and thought about the language that Roger McGough had used to describe the changing of the seasons. We then used a thesaurus to collect synonyms for words in the poem.
Stone Age Timeline
During our history day we worked in pairs to create our own timelines to show the main events of The Stone Age.
Stone Age Clay Pots
During our history day we designed and created our own Stone Age clay pots. They look amazing!
Vegetable Tarts
Today we made our vegetable tarts! Some of us chose to add vegetables we had never tried before. We all enjoyed making our tarts, although there were a few mixed reviews when it came to eating them!
DT Week  - Eating Seasonally.
We have a very exciting DT week in Year 3 this week. Today we focused on eating seasonally, where food comes from in the world and what food grows in the UK during the different seasons. We started off by sorting fruits and vegetables on a map as to where they grow in the world. We then created our own UK season plate, thinking about the foods that we grow in the UK during each season.
Harvest Day
We had a lovely day celebrating Harvest. We came to school wearing autumnal colours, bringing donations for the Bradford Food Bank. We enjoyed working with a partner to write a Harvest acrostic poem. In the afternoon, our parents were invited to join us for craft, as we made a beautiful autumn wreath.
Maths - Representing three-digit numbers in different ways.

In maths today we were learning to represent a three-digit number which is a multiple of ten in different ways. We had to work in pairs to find four different ways to represent the 3 digit numbers.

Sharing stories
This week, we have written our own adventure stories. Today we enjoyed reading our stories to a member of the class next door!
Maths - subtraction.

We worked with our maths partner to complete some calculations. We used counters and tens frames to subtract and bridge through 10. We partitioned the total (minuend) then subtracted from the 10 first, then added the two numbers together.

History Day!
On 18th September, a special visitor came into school to tell us all about life in Saltaire during the time of Sir Titus Salt. She gave each of us a bookmark with the details of a resident of Saltaire from the past. In the afternoon, we visited Saltaire to see the village and the mill for ourselves. Some of us even managed to find the houses that our bookmark characters had lived in. It was a rainy afternoon but we really enjoyed it!