Last week attendance was 94.9%

Drama and Productions

Each year the RP children perform a pantomime for the rest of the school and outside visitors. The panto is written and directed by our talented team of Specialist Support Workers. However, it is a whole team effort to ensure costumes, set and props are of the highest possible quality.

Drama productions are a fantastic opportunity for all our deaf pupils to exceed in language development and confidence. Great emphasis is placed on clarity of speech, voice projection along with non-verbal communication. Pupils' acquisition and command of vocabulary are key to their learning and progress across the whole curriculum. Through drama our pupils develop vocabulary actively, building systematically on their current knowledge and increasing their store of words in general.

Panto 2023 - Cinderfella

The rehearsals for the Resourced Provision's annual pantomime have begun! This year our pantomime is Cinderfella.

Robyn in the Hood 2022

On Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th February 2022, the RP pupils put on four fantastic performances of the pantomime ‘Robyn in the Hood.' This was performed to the whole school and a number of prestigious visitors including RP staff and pupils from Hanson Academy and Girlington Primary school.