Last weeks attendance was 96.5%



• To count up to and back from 50
• To count up to and back from 100
• To count forwards and backwards across 100
• To know all number bonds that total 10 and have a rapid recall of these facts

Things you can do at home to help

At every opportunity count forwards and backwards with your child to and from 50. Then you can move onto 100. Children often get stuck when they move to the next ten: such as 39 to 40 and especially when counting back: 50 to 49. Try to count every day and ensure your child says every number clearly. You could play games of ‘tennis’ where you say a number 1, then your child says 2, then you say 3, ect. You can also play this game when counting back, You could ask your child to count how many claps you do – encourage them to count in their head, then tell you how many you have got to at the end,. The children find this game very exciting in school.
You could practise number bonds to 10, by getting 10 objects and splitting them into two groups in different ways. 2 and 8, then 3 and 7. Encourage your child to write the pairs of numbers down as they do them. This can then be used as a quick reference guide and help them to build speed when saying them.
Play quick fire games where you ask your child: What do I add to 6 to make 10? What do I add to 3 to make 10? What is 10 take away 2? What is 10 subtract 5? Etc.
Links to games that will help