Last weeks attendance was 96.5%

Northern Ireland


• To count up to 20 objects
• To estimate how many objects up to 10 your child can see and then check by counting
• To count up to 20 from any number
• To say 1 more than any number between 0 and 20
• To say 1 less than any number between 0 and 20

Things you can do at home to help

You could place a random number of objects on the floor, ask your child to guess how many there are, then count them. Explain to your child that estimating is just a guess and it does not matter if they were right or wrong. Many children think their guess has to be accurate.
At every opportunity, count every day objectives in the home and the environment. This is a great game and can be quick and easy to do. Try counting things in the bath or in books when reading.
You can play simple games when you are in the car or at home, that require no resources. You could say a number (between 0 and 20) and ask your child to say one more than that number. You can then play the same game where your child tells you what one less than your number is.
Links to games that will help