Last week attendance was 94.9%

Staff and Contacts

We have Teachers of the Deaf (TOD), Deaf Instructors (DI), Specialist Support Workers (SSW) and a Speech and Language Therapist (SALT). ToDs plan, teach and assess deaf pupils. Many of our deaf children follow a literacy and numeracy curriculum planned and delivered by a ToD. The plans are differentiated to meet the deaf children’s specific language and communication needs.

Deaf children who use BSL as their main mode of communication are supported by the DIs in small groups and in class. The DIs also have small group and 1:1 sessions for those children who use sign to develop their BSL skills.

SSWs work closely with ToDs in ToD led literacy and numeracy lessons and with class teachers and DIs in mainstream classes to ensure that the children receive the support they require to access all areas of the curriculum.

Our Highly Specialist SALT comes into school two full days a week and works with children on a 1:1 or group basis. She also provides ToDs and SSWs with advice, tools and support to facilitate the development of spoken language.

RP staff can be contacted using the school’s telephone number (01274) 639049.

Alternatively, please find below a list of email contact information.

Jen Mitchell, Lead Teacher of the Deaf

Julie Robinson, Deaf Instructor