Last weeks attendance was 96.5%

Precision Teach

Precision Teach is an evidenced-based intervention that is designed to improve fluency and accuracy of reading, spelling or maths. Precision Teach intervention is carried out daily on a 1:1 basis. It is fast-paced and repetitive and pupils only move on to a new skill, once they have mastered the skill they are currently working on.

In Precision Teach, the child’s daily performance is recorded and this process is known to increase motivation.

Because it allows high repetition of the facts to be learnt, it is effective at accelerating progress in word reading, for example, if the following basic principles are followed:

  • Specifically targeted facts to learn e.g. secure recognition of 10 high frequency words or spell 5 topic words;
  • Daily 1-1 teaching session for no more that 15 minutes per session;
  • Deliver the teaching in the ‘flash card’ method;
  • Daily assessment recorded in scores for the child to compete against;
  • Programme delivered over fixed period of time, e.g. 8 weeks and repeated/extended as necessary.
If your child is receiving Precision Teach in school, please ask your child’s class teacher for a set of flash cards for use at home.