School opens on Monday 8th April. We are looking forward to all the new exciting learning this half term!

Work Gallery

We have made a BSL video of the school ethos. It was a fun day! We enjoyed making the video for whole school.
The World Cup

This week we were learning about World Cup 2022, we organised a sweepstake for our BSL class. We made our predication for who will win the world cup; most of us think England or Argentina will win! Wait and see!
BSL Christmas

We got in the Christmas Spirit in BSL this week. We visited Santa in his grotto and all received a present! We learnt the signs associated with Christmas. We learnt how to wrap presents properly and we created Christmas decorations. We had so much fun!
Learning the BSL Alphabet

Key stage 1 pupils have been learning how to fingerspell from A to Z and how to fingerspell their first name without help! They have learned greetings in dialogue practice with friends
Proud to be form Bradford Signs

The whole class have been working hard making their own video on our theme – Proud to be from Bradford. We have been learning famous landmarks in Bradford. The children loved it. Key Stage 1 pupils have enjoyed working with older peers; they have learned some new signs!
BSL Lesson- Transport

Y5 and Y6 have been learning about transport and how to use dialogue in conversation, and we have been learning how to use correct handshapes of transport.
Learning Handshapes - Transport
Learning the BSL alphabet

We really enjoy working together to help the younger pupils learn the BSL alphabet. We use different activities like hide the letter and alphabet tennis.
Jubilee BSL Video

We have created a video to teach you the different signs you might use throughout the Jubilee celebrations.
In January, we started Brilliant Sign Lunchtime club for the hearing children to learn some BSL
We have been working hard towards our targets of being able to spell the character names from Robin Hood and famous people that we know.
We have learned about classifiers and handshapes used in BSL
Two of our RP children have been helping to teach, as they want to become teachers in the future.
In BSL placement is very important. We have been learning about this using games
In BSL story time we learn about our emotions
Silent Night

Enjoy our signed performance of Silent Night.
European Day of Languages and BSL

We have learnt so much about the country Scotland. We located Scotland on a map and identified the capital cities and other major cities, which we then learnt to fingerspell. We learnt about the national flag, flowers and animals. We compared different food and drink from Scotland and England and decided which we liked the most. We also took part in our own Highland Games! We loved our BSL lesson where we learnt signs that are different in Scotland. We have had a super time learning about Scotland.
September 2021- December 2021

We have welcomed new children into our class this year. They have been learning how to fingerspell and how to introduce their own names in sign langauge. They have settled very quickly and made lots of friends in the class.

As part of European Day of Languages we have been learning all about regional variations in BSL and learned about Scottish Sign.

We have looked at all the differences between Scotland and Bradford, and learned the names of lots of Scottish towns.

We have also learned some famous Scottish stories, about Greyfriars Bobby and The Loch Ness Monster.